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Keith Hellman

Affiliate Lecturer in the
Computer Science Division
College of Engineering and Computational Sciences at the
Colorado School of Mines

My faculty schedule for the current semester is here.

Course Specific Pages

... or courses I've taught (or coordinated) in the past:

  • Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI101)
  • Introduction to Programming with C++ (CSCI261)
  • Data Structures (CSCI262)
  • Introduction to Linux (CSCI274)
  • Linux Programming (CSCI298B)
  • Computer Simulation (CSCI423)
  • Compilers (CSCI498A)
  • Introduction to Cryptography (CSCI474)
  • Follow the directions here to setup your Trailhead Official Correspondance address.

Other Resources

  • My personal homepage is here, it is arguably not more exciting than this. However, it does have my PGP keys and probably an outdated resume.
  • A CV can be found here.

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